Welcome to Covasna

The resort is also known as the ‘town of 1,000 healing sources’® for its multitude of different mineral water, mofetta (CO2 bath) and highly ionized air. Mineral water and dry CO2 uprushes are due to the volcanic origin of the area. Post volcanic gases, unlike elsewhere in the world, are cca. 90% pure CO2 without toxic admixture. Due to this fortunate situation the gases are used as mofettas (dry gas bath) to enhance blood circulation and lover high blood pressure.

Each spring has a different mixture of minerals and the waters are mostly fizzy and ferruginous. Word says, that the stomach of the people in Covasna is rusty, because of the high amount of mineral water they drink. Its name is derived from the Slavic word Cvaz, meaning sour, referring to the taste of its mineral waters. Water stored in the depth of the Earth for centuries, passing through different rock, dilutes various matter gaining a diverse ‘anatomy’. The presence of CO2 boosts the diluting power of water.

People started to take the waters in Covasna in the 19th century when they realized that the water of the Devil’s Swamp and the CO2 in their cellars has healing effect on their aching limbs. Shortly after the first medical advices appeared and a health resort came to life.

More than 60 years ago the Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Hospital was borne that treats tens of thousands of people suffering in cardiovascular problems. The wonderful natural surrounding and the healing sources gave birth to the Covasna Method, a particular procedure that takes use of mineral water, mofetta, special diet and regular exercise.

Nature’s offerings are surrounded by a large cultural heritage dating back to antiquity. In the middle ages this area was serving as a buffer territory protecting Europe from Turkish invasion. Due to the constant threat churches were fortified. People still know how to bake in beehive-ovens, craftsmanship is passed on from father to son, and nature is more present in curing than medicine.

On the verge of the Carpathian Mountains not only cultures have mixed for ages but cuisine as well. Simple but tasty food is not a matter of trend in Covasna.

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