Hévíz, the fountain of life!

The lake of Hévíz (Hungary) is the biggest biologically active, natural medicinal water in the world. Its temperature is affected by the combination of cold and hot spring waters coming from underground. The medicinal water breaks out from the spring cave on the surface at the rate of approx. 410 litres per second and with a temperature of 40°C. According to that delivery, the water in the lake changes every three and a half days and keeps uniformly clean.

The wonderful effects of the water were also known by our ancestors. The Romans laid the foundations for bath culture in the 2nd century. It is a unique experience to swim in water lily carpeted turquoise water in Hévíz. The biological stability of the lake is shown by the temperature of the water, which has not changed for years and even on the coldest winter days doesn’t drop below 24 degrees Celsius. That makes bathing possible in the lake the whole year round. In the summer the water temperature can reach 37 degrees Celsius. Hévíz with the fresh colours of nature and the spa town’s quiet atmosphere is an ideal place for relaxation, recovery and complete physical and mental recreation. Take time for yourself, be prepared for the challenges of the hardworking weekdays with health preserving bath cures!

200 years old therapeutics – Traditional Hévíz Therapy

The Traditional Hévíz Therapy is based on the medicinal water of Hévíz, which, due to its rich mineral content, is particularly effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Its effectiveness is proved by recent medical researches as well as thousands of cured guests. Using it as natural medicine – under medical guidelines – can help to mitigate several complaints. In the course of the Traditional Hévíz Therapy, the original complex Hévíz therapy is carried out on the chosen location in order that you can receive the most effective treatment method.

The basic elements of the therapy, according to the individual treatment plan, may include:

Additional elements of the therapy, according to the individual treatment plan, may include:

Wellness in Hévíz

A course of treatment at Hévíz is excellent not only for its curative effects, but also for rest, re-laxation and prevention of sickness. At the making of personalized treatments the individual is always in the centre and the prevention is determinative. The Hévíz hotels are of outstanding quality, and fulfilling the criteria system of wellness hotels, they offer the widest variety of baths and saunas, pampering massages, beauty treatment methods and an extensive range of healthy foods. Thanks to the service providers in Hévíz, guests of the private accommodations find choices that satisfy every demand here. A holiday spent here helps to develop a harmonious, health-conscious lifestyle, not only during the vacation, but for everyday life as well.


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